Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mad About Trees? Watch Our Coverage of the California Avenue Streetscape Meeting!

The Media Center covered the California Avenue Streetscape Public Meeting that was held last Thursday, October 8, 2009 at Escondido School. The meeting was ostensibly promoted as a presentation and discussion of the new plan for California Avenue -- whose 60+ mature oak trees were unceremoniously lopped off by the City in early September to the shock of business owners, residents and community leaders. Angry citizens disrupted the meeting. After about an hour of some shouting, demands and barbed comments on the part of the outraged citizenry, the meeting moderator was able to get the meeting back on course. We are cablecasting the resulting 2 hour and 2o minute program starting today, October 15:

Watch the program on at these dates and times:
Friday 10/16, 5 am, Channel 29; and 4 pm Channel 26
Saturday 10/17, 6 pm Channel 26
Sunday, 10/18, 4 pm, Channel 26
Monday, 10/19, 12 pm, Channel 26
Tuesday, 10/20, 2 pm, Channel 26; and 4 pm Channel 29
Wednesday, 10/21, 4 pm, Channel 29
Thursday, 10/22, 8 am, Channel 26
Friday, 10/23, 8 pm, Channel 29

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  1. I'm really glad and proud that the Media Center got this recorded for the full community.


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