Friday, July 6, 2012

MC Volunteer Brian Good Worked On Documentary Premiering July 9

One reason we haven't seen as much of Brian Good these days in the studio is that for the last year he has been been doing more-than-full-time work on a 95-minute documentary production that interviews 50 experts in structural engineering, fire protection, chemistry,  physics, psychology, and scientific methodology.  It's called "9/11 Explosive 
Evidence: Experts Speak Out." 

Brian did animations and scriptwriting and fact-checking that took out some 
excessive claims.  A few assertions remain with which he says he is not totally comfortable, but he beleives these assertions all deserve fair consideration--and the base claims are solid.

The movie is screening in Alameda on Monday July 9, and in San Francisco
on July 11.  

At both of these screenings 4 of the experts will be present:  Kamal Obeid, 
structural engineer; Les Young and Robert McCoy, high-rise architects; and
 Roland Angle, civil engineer (he used to design blast-proof missile silos).

 If you want to carpool with Brian, please send an email to and she'll put you in touch with Brian. 

Congratulations Brian!

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