Friday, December 14, 2012

Terrificates - Best Holiday Gift Ever - No Exaggeration!

Studio Workshop in action!
Best holiday gift ever?   No exaggeration?  Well, it depends on your point of view!  We know that the Media Center's Terrificates - our new Holiday Gift Certificate program - might be the best option for some of the people in your world.

Here's why:

Your loved one will learn a brand new skill in the exciting field of video production (and photography), fields that are always changing and evolving, in a socially constructive and supportive community that learns and grows together.  How about that?  I know you're thinking, "how's about that for a run-on sentence?"  But  let's break that down.  We offer:
  • New Skills
  • Latest Trends
  • Social Excitement aka FUN
  • Social Support and Encouragement
  • Tangible Results!  A real production to point to!
  • A community that lasts and grow beyond class

Holiday Party at the Media Center - Two TV Studio
Grads Whooping It Up!
And the Terrificates are a $145.00 value now for only $130.00.  And each class is 15-20 hours long.   What is that  -- $7.50 an hour roughly?  Wow!  More than that, our community of friends here is priceless.

Here's what we're offering specifically:

The TV Studio production workshop covers all the crew positions necessary to produce a TV show.  Students get to try on all the "hats!" At the end of this class the students will have produced a half hour TV show.

Zoom In is a 16 hour intensive video workshop that covers everything needed to create a digital video, edit it and upload it to Youtube and produce a DVD.  By the end of this class students will have produced a short video.

Zoom In Field Production on Location
Capturing the Moment with Digital Photography workshop is designed as a hands-on learning experience for the novice or growing photographer who wants to capture life’s fleeting memories and tell a story using photographs.  Learners in this workshop will study the attributes of an excellent "shot," enjoy a field shoot and then craft the photos using Lightroom.

Workshops begin in January and run all year!  And beyond!

Contact to stock up on Terrificates.

See ya in class?  These are classes like you've never known!

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